Re-post: Detoxification? Do I need that?

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Detoxification? Do I need that?

I think of detoxing the body like a good spring-cleaning. You open up the closet, stir things up a bit to get to those clothes at the back that are wasting space and dump them into a box for goodwill. You replace that light bulb, clean out the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the winter and vow to ‘never let things get like this again’. Inevitably for most, life gets in the way to mess things up. One forgotten lunch here leads to fast food there, a green tea a day slowly becomes multiple double lattes, a glass of wine on a Saturday turns into many patio beers and so on. But what would happen if we never had the big spring-cleaning? All of that junk in our homes would build up until they became uninhabitable due to clutter and dirt causing illness and disease. Our bodies work the same way and to function optimally they need detoxification.


But how do I know if I’m due for a detox?

Some common symptoms of an increased toxic burden and need for detox are:

–       Headaches

–       Fatigue

–       Skin Problems

–       Digestive concerns

–       Food cravings

–       Trouble sleeping

–       Chronic congestion

–       Anxiety or irritability

–       Bad breath

–       Body pain

 There are so many different detoxes out there! How do I know which is right for me? 

It is important to meet with a Health Care Professional, such as a Naturopathic Doctor, to discuss your health history and symptoms before starting any detox program. A detox is hard work for the body and it is essential to efficiently excrete the toxins you have mobilized in the body. If done improperly, a detox can be harmful so it is not recommended to start any detox program without consulting an ND or other certified health professional. That being said, the basic principles that all detoxes should follow are referred to as the 4 R’s:

1. Remove: This is done through diet and lifestyle modification to eliminate chemicals and foods, which could be causing inflammation. Specific botanicals and supplements are used to encourage elimination of these wastes.

2. Replace: After toxins have been removed, support the body with digestive enzymes.

3. Reinocculate: With a good quality probiotic to replenish the body with optimal bacterial for digestion.

4. Repair: Your ND will prescribe specific supplements, which will heal the digestive tract and promote other benefits of the detox.

What sort of results can I expect after a detox?

 Common benefits of a detox are:

–        Weight loss

–        Increased energy levels

–        Improved digestion

–        Reduced nasal congestion

–        Clearer skin

–        Increased mental clarity

–        Improved emotional stability

–        Less food cravings

–        Resolution of migraines and headaches

–        Better quality sleep

–        Permanent positive changes to health


OK I’m probably in need of a detox! How do I start?

After running many detox programs, I have found that the missing piece of the puzzle is often appropriate exercise during the detox. For this reason I have teamed up with the amazing Yoga Instructor, Rachelle Wintzen, to design the Naturopathic Yoga Detox. This is a 4-week, medically supervised, food based detox program, which includes:

–        Initial Naturopathic visit with myself, Dr. Aisling Lanigan ND

–        Elimination diet with full menu plan and option to do initial 3 day juice cleanse

–        Four, 30min group detox meetings

–        Four, 60min long yoga classes designed to stimulate detoxification led by Rachelle, following the group meetings

  • King: Meetings Thursday 7:45-9:15pm May 22, 29, June 5, 12
  • Rox: Meetings Monday Feb 6:30-8 May 26, June 2, 9, 16

–        Individualized supplement recommendations

–        Post-detox ND follow-up visit


The Naturopathic Yoga Detox Program cost is $300 for early-bird registration by May 15 and $350 after May 15 (Program value is over $700).

***Early-bird registrants will be placed in a draw to win a year membership to the Kitchen Library!


Put your health first and contact Totum Life Science today to sign up!

–          Rox: 416-925-5706

–          King: 416-979-2249

Yours in health,

Dr. Aisling Lanigan ND