Dr. Aisling and Dr. Almon, both Naturopathic Doctors and Doulas from Erin Mills Optimum Health have joined forces to create the Naturopathic Prenatal Course: Birth as a Journey. Through the attendance of many births, Dr. Aisling and Dr. Almon have witnessed the limitations of many of the traditional childbirth classes. They saw this as an opportunity to educate women and their partners on pregnancy, labour and life post-partum and to empower decision making and increase feelings of satisfaction surrounding childbirth. Birth as a Journey is a prenatal course rooted in HypnoBirthing, a birthing technique which encourages a deep state of relaxation to increase the ease and fulfillment of your birth experience. The course integrates material from traditional childbirth classes with HypnoBirthing tools and alternative therapies such as acupressure and homeopathy. Since attending HypnoBirths, Dr. Aisling and Dr. Almon have been amazed by what is possible for childbirth and they hope to share this with as many couples as possible.

The Naturopathic Prenatal Course is run quarterly one evening per week for four weeks and in condensed weekend sessions. The Naturopathic Prenatal Course also includes a follow up naturopathic visit after the course. For rates, schedule and further information please contact Dr. Aisling, Erin Mills Optimum Health or Totum Life Science.

Next 4 week Naturopathic Prenatal Course at Erin Mills Optimum Health in Mississauga will be within the next month. Space is limited, so contact Erin Mills Optimum Health today!

The Naturopathic Prenatal Course: Birth as a Journey is available at Totum by request.